Operations Specialist

Job Category: Operations
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: San Diego
Company: Deposit Choice

Reports to:          Manager, Insurance Operations

Under the direction of the Manager, the Operations Specialist will have a spirit in professionalism and cooperation as they perform as the front-line responder to bond and policyholders, clients, and internal operations team regarding the Deposit Choice and Protection Choice products and transactions handled within.   This position is the central source to direct inquiries and to disseminate information regarding the daily processing of surety lease deposit bonds and renter’s insurance policies.


The primary objective of all employees is to provide our bond and policyholders, clients, and distribution partners with the most efficient and effective customer service possible.   Each employee is expected to treat all people with the professionalism, courtesy, and respect due them always.

Essential duties:

  1. Must have the ability to work accurately, efficiently, and independently on tasks assigned.
  2. Receives and makes customer phone calls while maintaining accuracy, clarity, and confidentiality in disseminating and receiving information regarding bond and policy issuance, endorsements, and/or cancelation.
  3. Receive, obtain, and securely store pertinent client information to ensure validity, completeness, accuracy, and confidentiality of this data.
  4. Ensure proper completion of data to transact bond and policy issuance, endorsements and/or cancelation with insurance company providers.
  5. Perform routine tasks such as processing daily mail, data entry, scanning, claim processing, etc.
  6. Routinely monitors and appropriately responds to all mail, email, and scanned documents received.
  7. Routinely receives and processes payments for product lines.
  8. Cooperate in the maintenance of client relations.

Key competencies:

  1. Assumes the responsibility in gaining/maintaining knowledge of the product line to accurately speak of product, transact processing tasks, etc.
  2. Familiarity with the working and management protocols of the overall company.
  3. Proficient in administrative support functions such as record management, complaint handling, secured data maintenance, and customer service guidelines.
  4. Attention to detail and accuracy.
  5. Ability to transact processing tasks as outlined in procedures of product.
  6. Possess excellent customer service and be able to communicate effectively in both verbal and written form.   Respond to questions and complaints in courteous and tactful manner.

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